Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

Poznan has been my host city in these almost nine months as volunteer at the Association For Social Cooperatives

During this time, I have been enjoying the spring, with the sunny days and cold air caresses; the summer in the Warta river with the company of friends and music; the reddish brown, green and gold yellow autumn, which was gradually bringing also an certain melancholy…

I could also experience the gradual disappearance of the sun. Six o’clock, five, four … a decrease of hours of sunlight that also resulted a decrease in my mood and energy, which seems to be the common symptoms of the Polish weather! But as every effect, are passed and lead to something new :)

And now winter, (which I thought, it would be harder indeed!), with its most important celebration, Christmas.

The market in the old square, the big Christmas tree outside City Hall, where you will have to queue if you want your photo as a memory! The lights, people in the street, ice sculptures, carols…12398913_1071194216247780_2058935145_n

I go to my home full of Christmas spirit and happy to have lived part of Christmas in this city with my friends, who are my small family here.

I can say then, that this period (from april to april) allows me to know Poland, especially Poznan, in all its facets and changes, but there are still three months ahead of adventure, learning, discoveries … and a new year full of challenges that I will start again in this country!

Therefore, I thank you and wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!

See you after the holidays, I wish you a lot of fun!





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