It is happening in Gniezno!

In the entrance of Gniezno city, you can find the oldest hospital of the city. Large and red brick buildings. In the middle of this complex, something different is happening:


Is the name of a beautiful and necessary initiative promoted by Association of Families and Friends of People with Mental Disorders, CONCORD.

It is a Environmental Self-Help space for people with Mental Disorders in_DSC0107 Gniezno. A big old house with an extensive garden full of possibilities, where they are currently working in rebuilding it and filling It up with good energy. 

Is not only the beautification work on reconstruction… In this lovely place, is where they are carrying out activities developed for integration and improving the quality of life of people who have or have had some type of mental disorder.

In this sense, the association is doing trainings through “workouts resourcefulness of life” to promote health for example in the culinary, hygienic, budget ambits… At the same time, they also work in social skills training, like:

  • Recognition of problems in the social skills of the participant
  • Developing positive relationships with relatives, neighbors, public places, offices, cultural institutions.
  • Interpersonal training.
  • Assistance in dealing with administrative matters.
  • Professional activation
  • Incentives
  • Information on entitled health services.

_DSC0136However, this is not the end of their initiative. They are also working  on the project called “Czilii”a social cooperative project in which its activities include catering service for the hospital, “Dziekanka” and Crafts (including handicrafts from recycled materials)- This cooperative project, is currently being developed with the support of legal aid experts from the Association For Social Cooperatives.

In order to read more about their handicrafts and the options for colaborate with them, I invite you jump to their webside


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