Association for Social Cooperatives

Association for Social Cooperatives was established in 2003 in Poznan, Poland, as successor and continuator of association’s activity called “Our Home”. The organization changed its name from “Our Home” to Association for Social Cooperatives in 2005 by decision of General Meeting. The main idea behind it is to support the emerging movement of social cooperatives in Poland.

The essential task for association is providing help in setting up social cooperatives, complying with the law formalities as well as creating adequate conditions for running the business. The association provides counseling and information assistance to its cooperators in their current activities.

It creates good conditions for social cooperatives to share experiences among each other and exchange information between them and other economic subjects. It presents also the experience of existing organizations at conferences, in publications and through traditional and electronic media to both the interested parties in establishing social cooperatives and to general public opinion.

In 2006 the association was registered in Regional Employment Agency in Poznań under the number of 2.30/00145/2006

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