Yes, no, yes, no, yes… Why do EVS?

From my own experience as EVS and the opportunities that I’ve had travelling during this year, I can say that having the opportunity to leave your own country, your comfort zone, for be brave and learn and adapt yourself to another country with a different language, culture, religion etc is a vital experience, a kind of personal growth and development that few experiences can offer.


Is not only about your professionally develop , (if you’re lucky enough to find a good project), but either way, you will live a change, always positive, because every situation is going to serve to your grow and mature.

In my opinion, are experiences that wouldn’t learn if you stay in your country or city, doing the usual or choosing what in this society is meant by “growth”. This is another kind of growth, an informal and experiential growth, based on direct contact with another reality.

Traveling or doing EVS means a continuous exchange of culture, interests, ideas that will make you open your mind, be more tolerant, respectful … in short, values that will make you a better person and have a great affection for the country that you have chosen and its people, in addition to value much more your own.

It’s  also true that an important part of making this unique and special adventure is on you and how far you want to go, you must have an adventurous heart, open mind and be ready to become a sponge able to absorb it all and to squeeze the maximum.

All that and much more make life worth living a volunteer elsewhere of the terrestrial globe or even if in a country close to yours. What matters is the change, a change of reality that will move in your life and person countless aspects that will be transformed into an unforgettable experience.

KG_homepage_image-e1345212699929I will recommend you having the half-empty suitcase and start collecting bit by bit your best moments. For my part I can say that I already have overweight in my luggage: I have fun, I have moved, I have traveled, I have met wonderful people and I will be grateful knowing that with this experience I discovered how important it’s for me to travel and the kind of personal growth that I want to develop in my life to evolve…

Write in your own biography a big travel, adds in your live an EVS!



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