ToTCOOP+i project

Association For Social Cooperatives (Stowarzyszenie Na Rzecz Spółdzielni Socjalnych) doesn’t stop! They’re always creating and promoting new innovative projects, like this one that I’m going to introduce you now:

 – Strategic Partnership for Innovating the Training of Trainers of the European Agri-food Cooperatives (ToTCOOP+i project) – 

This is a great and necessary Erasmus + project created in order to increase the Cooperation for Innovation and Good Practices. For this purpose, the project put together six organizations that leads VET providers, coming from six different EU Member States: 

These entities are going to work hard to meet the following aims of the project: 

  1. Increase the quality of VET offer for members of cooperatives at European level, in order to address the sector needs.
  2. Strengthen the capacities of the members of the Board of Directors in the field of Business Administration, Management and Coorporate Culture, promoting at the same time, the access of women and young people to charges of responsability.
  3. Strengthen and update the pedagogical, methodological and procedural skills, as well as technical knowledge of trainers of Associations of Agri-food cooperatives and organisations that offer training and consulting services to them.

Maybe you could ask yourself, how they will achieve these so important goals?… Well, among two main actions that they specify in the project:

  1. Exchange of experiences and best-practices between the countries involved in the project;
  2. Development of common innovative training contents and tools, on the base of the best-practices identified at European level.

Actions to achieve the expected outcomes that will be:

A Best-Practices Report on VET actions implemented in EU for the promotion of business Administration, Manegment and Corporate Culture among the members of Borad of Directors in the Agri-food Cooperatives; A Methological Guidelines for the development of common training contents; Common Training Contents about Business Administration, Management and Corporate Culture in agri-food cooperatives, that will be available in English, Spanish, Italian, Sweden, Polish and Latvian; an high quality ICT open-source learning platform, for the interactive and shared use of the training contents.

Definitely, this a project that born  in response to the need of one context in which the members of the Board of Directors have to adapt to the strategic changes required by the market, as well as to the need to incorporate women to the Board of Directors in cooperative companies, and promote the generational replacement, through the assumption of responsabilities by younger members.

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