The voice of the Wind – Seeds of transition

To start the week, I leave you here a brilliant and thoughtful documentary about social movements related to agroecology and the paradigm shift that are taking place in Spain.

Jean Luc Danneyrolles, farmer of the french provence and Carlos Pons, a spanish documentary filmmaker , organized a trip to Granada to meet the alternative social movements, agroecology and paradigm shift. Accompanied by a cameraman, depart during the cold of February 2012, taking with them as a reward, a large collection of seeds”

An audiovisual narrative through which, we can discover three trips around the emergence of a new universal consciousness:

  • Local trip: A trip to Granada following a line of alternative projects.
  • Personal Journey: An expression of concepts, thoughts and feelings that are generated.
  • Global journey: The idea of a new world that germinates in the collective unconscious.


Utopia, the horizon continues to advance

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