Innovative experiences in the Spanish Rural Network

RURALAB (Social Innovation Space) 


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RuraLab, is a project aimed at those individuals, groups, social organisations, local entities or businesses that may have an interest in developing new ideas and projects linked to sustainable development of the territory.

Taking advantage of the huge potential of the local entrepreneurship, RuraLab is created with three main objectives:

  1. Creation a space to come together and foster innovation among people, companies, social organisations and local entities and businesses in the area.
  2. It also intends to foster training and acquisition of knowledge focused on human resources in those sectors considered to be of strategic value and good prospects.
  3. Provide support to entrepreneurs and innovation projects with social and ecological sense.

In short, RuraLab constitutes a unique rural development pilot model that will pave the way for many other similar projects to come. Its innovative character is related to the appearance of new products or services that incorporate local specificities.

This is just one of the great innovators projects currently being considered and which take place in the Spanish Rural Network, which is good news for rural development in Spain.

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Spanish Rural Network 

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