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Yes, I am the new EVS! My name is Esther, and I come from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, (Spain). I am here to continue during one year, this work as part of European Voluntary Service (EVS) in Stowarzyszenie Na Rzecz Spółdzielni Socjalnych (Association for Social Cooperatives).

Laia, my predecessor, has left an emptiness among her friends, a great work done in this organization and to me she left a notebook that saved me from loneliness during my first weekend and the rest of the days in this new city. She knows how grateful I am, but I leave even more perseverance in this blog that she began, now, a year ago.

This book has been a treasure for my. Places to visit, events, contacts of people, up to a map drawn by herself! As if it was the film “Pay It Forward”, I promise to do the same with the next EVS… Because in the end, is that: Do to others what you want them to do with you, especially in this type of situations…

Well, I come from Gran Canaria, one of the seven islands that make up “The Canary Islands”, an archipelago of the Atlantic ocean 100 km from the African coast, belonging to  Spain  and European Union. The island is “redondita” (An affectionate way to say that  something is  round. In Spanish language we often use diminutives to say something in a  affective way…), multi climate and beautiful… as the rest of the Islands. It is said that is like a    continent in miniature. Here, some of its landscapes…

 WHY POLAND? Many, many, many, many people ask me. I think I’m going to record the answer to this in the automatic phone answering…

And I wonder, have I chosen Poland or Poland has chosen me? Maybe both. I saw the profile that the organization was looking for and I felt totally identified: “communication, photography, international cooperation, social field…” All called me to send running my CV and cover letter.  In addition, Poland and I were big unknown, both for me, my family and friends. Geography, language, culture… A world to discover. So I thought to myself, why not? Let’s learn about something completely new! Like that began this new journey…

I had my first contact with Poland about two weeks ago. Landed in Warsaw, and in Warszawa Zachodnia, I had my first vital experience in this country. Is said that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. As well, once I’ve been in Zachodnia I believe I can face everything in this country! = P

Poznan and I are becoming intimate friends. Going by tram is like going in my dear “Guaguas” (In canary islands,GuaguaTramp we call “Guagua” to the autobus) The Sun is appearing from time to time, a charming old man is giving me extra flower each time I buy a bunch of them, and I meet friendly people… So I start to feel very grateful and very well received by  this city that I see with less suspicion and more like a new home.

Impatient to eat “Pierogi”, discover more this city, Poland and Europe!

Thanks Stowarzyszenie Na Rzecz Społdzielni Socjalnych (Association for Social Cooperatives) for choosing me and giving me this opportunity. I hope  to give my best and learn from the team and the experience =)

5 thoughts on “A Canarian EVS in Poznan!

  1. Reply Angela Apr 21,2015 16:10


    If you really want to eat best “pierogi” in all Poland, you have to come to Konin! You will not find more tasty than here, and it’s made by Social Cooperative :)

    Well, as I greeted Laia here, I want to say WELCOME to you also.
    Probabbly we will see each other tomorow here in Konin, where you can meet rest of Association for Social Cooperatives “family”.
    I don’t know what Martyna will say on it, but may I will tell what we planed before you came to our Association :), I mean … I planned, because Martyna had all plan in head already :)

    So, Esther – once again – welcome :)


  2. Reply Laia Apr 21,2015 16:59

    It sounds so good!!!! It sounds also like myself writing here one year ago… with all those doubts as well as the excitement to discover more and more around…

    “Wszystkiego najlepszego” in this incredible trip!

    PS: Next time they ask you “Why Poland?” you can answer “Dlaczego nie!” ;)

  3. Reply Malwina Apr 21,2015 19:14

    Esther, gracias por tu presentación interesante! Eso es fantástico que estás con nosostros en Polonia, país lleno de secretos y curiosidades (verás;)

    P.S. Saludos cordiales para Laia!:)

  4. Reply Esther Apr 23,2015 10:23

    Angela and Laia,

    First of all, Thank you very much for your comments :)

    I couldn’t reply yesterday because I was in konin! I felt very comfortable there…so thank you Angela and Kamil for your positive energy and welcome.

    I could taste wonderful pierogui of meat, made by the Social Cooperative. I promise I will come back to this restaurant soon!

    Laia, Angela said to me yesterday that my voice is very similar to yours. With her eyes closed, she would have thought that your are in the room… In some way, you still here:)

    Thank you for yours regards,

    PS: Poland, “Dlaczego nie!” ;)

  5. Reply chandni Apr 24,2015 21:10

    oh wow esther im glad ur liking your new place n polland …..im sure ur gonna have a lovely time and ull have a great experience with ur team…
    id like to know more about your experience there and know more about you your work…..

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