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If you get to Poland and especially you are from warmer countries, most of the people will make you this question a million times! Why Poland? You can always respond like me, why not?

In my case, when I started to think about do EVS, I didn’t think very much about the country in the different areas, this is something that came later. Mostly I wanted to live a different experience, a change in my life to grow. So my decision was mostly focused on the project more than the country, and finally…

I’m not regretted for coming to Poland :)

Poland has showed me a lot of important things for my life experience. First of all, the opportunity to meet a new culture, language, ways of life, political situations, food, ways to live the religion… Poland has showed me how many hospitable and altruist people live here and how beautiful the spring and summer are reflected in its people, landscapes and cities!10404375_961654177201785_7318309040488828191_n

About the first impressions of the country, of course it depends on where you come from, so you will have different perceptions. I come from Spain, so my experience at the beginning was a kind of contrast and shock. Nothing bad, just different. The things I remember most are that I could see just a less economically developed country, deficient transport and roads (depend of the cities) and people less used to foreigners.

I came here alone. However with EVS program you are never alone, because there is a great structure around you to support you, so… don’t be afraid! I could say that you are “alone” to “face” with different situations which can appear in your daily life, or in your travels, but in my opinion, these are the most important moments… because these moments give you the possibility to discover your way to face them, your capacities, abilities… situations in which you can learn and grow up.

Also the organizations use to make a welcome meeting where you can meet other volunteers, who probably will introduce you into the international meetings, the nightlife etc. Also be sure to look for yourself this kind of events to meet people etc, in the groups of facebook for example.

For these reason, do EVS It’s a safe and organized way if you want to have an experience outside your country and especially if it’s your first time travelling alone.

I really enjoy this experience, and I feel already sad because soon ends my EVS. Here I leave great friends who have been like my family, with whom I hope to continue connected and visit soon…

I will never forget the experience in this country!


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