EVS MidTerm

Like we began our EVS experience with the “On-Arrival Training”, we ended up with a “Mid Term Training”. A time and a place to share among volunteers, our experiences, opinions, feelings, future perspectives…

Volunteers from Spain, France, Germany, Georgia, Albania and the Czech Republic were hosted in the city chosen for staying, Torun. What it meant to me an opportunity to know the city that so many people had told me.

Some activities were conducted outdoors or were related to the city, so we could walk around the city and also know its legends, which are so present through the small sculptures that are on almost every corner of the city!

Among the legends that we knew, there is one that is the most important in Torun, and that every visitor of this country or city should know, the story about the Gingerbread, Pierniki.

In the museum we could make our own Pierniki with the mold that we more liked. That day I really missed my family so my Pierniki artwork was dedicated of course, to my mother. I hope my Pierniki arrives alive in April to home!

We could visit as well the Copernicus Museum and the Traveller’s Museum, created thanks to the explorer and collector’s passion of the Polish globetrotter couple – Elżbieta Dzikowska and Tony Halik.

12596402_940285496021437_1801064799_nSo finally and as our “trainers” expressed, this meeting rather than being a training has been in short, a meeting that has given us the possibility to share and reflect on what we have learned from this experience and our motivations for the future.

A moment of reflection that comes really well before this end of volunteering that is approaching faster than expected…

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